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Jumaat, 21 Februari 2014

Solutions to solve the problems (Takaful Consultant)

When I was first involved in a carrier as a Takaful Consultant, I had a many prospects. But I had failed to close after I proposed them. It became a dilemma for me to carry on with this carrier. After a few months working experience as a Takaful Consultant, I found some solutions to solve the problems regarding this carrier.

One of the solutions that I found is we should be clear about our aims when we meet the prospects. Our intentions are not only to sell the product, but also to give advice, share knowledge and the benefits of  Takaful. We will be stressed if our intention is to sell the product and it will be shown on our face that we are desperate to gain profit from them.

Our ethics and personalities plays an important role to close the proposals. We should be smart, good looking and be alert towards our customers’ sensitivity when we discuss with them. We ought to study our custormers’ personality and their princip. Do not backbiting of others in the discussion as it will highlight our negative attitude. We try to have positive conversation and do not waste their time.

Working consistantly are the most important way to solve the problem. Hold as many appointments as possible with prospects and learn to overcome objections. Discuss with leaders how to overcome each objections. Through this method we can face the same objections in the future because we already know the solution.

We should learn from counterparts who were proficient how they handle their prospects and clients. It is vital for a Takaful Consultant to know how to carry out this business according to the Islamic Law. In addition, a Takaful Consultant must be able to perform a good presentation that can satisfy the customer.


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