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Jumaat, 14 Jun 2013

Contoh Short Speech - How to Improve Family Communication

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to the judges and my fellow friends. Today I’m going to give a short speech on “How to Improve Family Communication”.
As family members learn to communicate more effectively within the home, they develop valuable skills that help them communicate more effectively outside the home. For improving communication within your family, you should listen to understand. An important way to express love and respect for other family members is to listen carefully to them. Listening to what people are feeling as well as what they are saying takes concentration and effort. Furthermore, talk so others can understand. Communicating well requires not only good listening skills but also effective speaking skills. People who learn to express themselves effectively can keep communication open by reducing the chance for arguments, bad feelings, or boredom. Moreover, parents must use labels that show love to their child. Young children tend to believe what their parents tell them. Often parents seemingly insignificant words can have a great impact on their children, either positively or negatively. In addition, remember to attack the problem, not the child When children make mistakes, parents should be careful to address the mistake, not condemn the child. Parents can talk with their children about unacceptable behavior without making the children feel they are bad. It is better to say that a child has behaved in an unacceptable way than to say that the child is bad. Besides, we must always be trustworthy and maintain confidence. Trust is an essential ingredient in every relationship. Accordingly, it also plays an important part in family communication. Trust your family and inspire trust from your family. Keep your promises, always be true to them. Maintain confidences, this encourages trust and commitment between you and your family. Other than that, always find and make quality time for our family. It is necessary for every family to find and make quality family time. Such light hearted moments help the family to enjoy each other's company and can pave the way to easy communication and sharing of jokes, to exchanging funny events of the day. Last but not least, look after your tone while communicating. It has been said that one should tame the tongue to avoid uttering hurtful or sinister words. In the same way kind words, and sweet and thoughtful tones are always heartfelt and can uplift the soul.
    I think that's all from me. I'm apologize if I have many mistake in my speech. Thank you.


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